Highly Recommended by our Clients.

Abbie and I believe that Joyce and Randy elevate themselves above other photographers primarily because they take the time to develop friendships with their subjects, and in so doing feed their already formidable instincts.  By the time our wedding day arrived, we had already met with Joyce and Randy on several occasions and were ready to place our full trust in them to capture something beyond the rote and posed — to capture the fleeting and illusive, treasured moments that are all-too-easily missed in the hectic excitement of a wedding.  We were rewarded with photo after photo – from candid, intimate close-ups to light-hearted group shots – that repeatedly displayed their knack for anticipating, recognizing and capturing prized and poignant moments with candor and clarity.  Furthermore, Randy and Joyce always seemed to be positioned for great shots while maintaining an unobtrusive presence throughout the proceedings. We would highly recommend Joyce and Randy to anyone interested in seeking more of the same for their Mendocino wedding photography!

Abbie and John, Ledford House, Albion, Mendocino


We got this email one day:

“Your photographs are beautiful. I love the way you capture special moments, with a focus on people and faces. I would be honored if you would photograph my wedding!”
Immediate connection! We had such a great time! And dolphins joining in on the engagement shoot? In Mendocino?!?!

Afterwards we got this sweet testimonial:

There are few wedding photographers who can do what Randy and Joyce excel at: capturing those peaceful and loving moments when you think no one is looking, picking up on all the tiny details chosen for your special day (one’s which you hardly had time to appreciate), and taking absolutely stunning, gorgeous, sophisticated, and fun portraits of the bride and groom amongst carefully chosen artistic and natural backdrops. I could not be happier with our wedding photos or my experience working with Randy and Joyce, who always made us feel calm, could direct us when we needed some directing, but could also quickly capture our moments of spontaneity. Randy and Joyce put their heart into each and every photo that they shoot. I cannot thank them enough for compiling such a wonderful set of photos that will bring us much joy for years to come. 

Ashley and Evan, Spring Ranch Barn, Mendocino


Choosing the photographer who would capture our Mendocino wedding was both the most difficult and the easiest choice we had to make.  As with most couples, having beautiful wedding photos that would provide lasting memories was one of our highest priorities.  Although we were getting married in Mendocino, we were willing to bring a photographer from elsewhere if he/she were the right person for the job.  This broad search made the decision process a long one as we spent weeks interviewing photographers and scouring websites to find that photographer who could not only take beautiful pictures (there are many photographers who can take a great shot) but also capture the spirit and story of the wedding.

When we met Joyce and Randy, the decision became an easy one – they were the perfect match.  While we had seen many great photos, their body of work was by far a cut above the rest.  They are the consummate wedding photographers who continue to see the beauty, love, and joy in weddings.  In addition, as a team they brought two different artistic styles which would ensure our wedding would be captured from a number of perspectives.

Finally, although we didn’t know it when we began the process, we quickly realized how important it was for us to also work with true professionals with a great sense of humor and flexibility.  Weddings after all bring all sorts of craziness, and Joyce and Randy stepped beyond their roles as chroniclers to help calm nerves and ensure things ran smoothly!  And we were certainly not disappointed by our photographs.

Their photographs captured not only the events and emotions of the day – they tell the story of family and friendships, of past, present and future. We chose not to have a videographer at our wedding because we knew that what actually happened there was not as important as the emotions that were felt as we brought our lives together in celebration.  From traditional formal shots to poignant moments caught in passing, Joyce and Randy’s photographs capture that spirit exactly, and we can’t thank them enough for providing eternal reminders of the joy of that time!

Sophia and Kyle, Cypress Grove, MacCallum House Inn, Mendocino


It would be difficult to overstate how much we enjoyed working with Randy and Joyce throughout our wedding.  They are wonderful people and such a great addition to any celebration, although they are also careful to maintain their disarmingly unobtrusive, photojournalistic approach.  They are professional, highly skilled artists whose balanced eyes for detail and expanse complement each other very well, and it felt like a privilege to have them turn their time and expertise upon the task of preserving our memories.  In the end, after the guests are long departed and the dress has been folded away, what we have left are all of the candid moments they managed to capture with such clarity, beauty, and grace.

Lizzie and Ryan, Mendocino Weddings, Russian Gulch State Park, Weller House, Mendocino


“We’d just like to say once again that we couldn’t be happier with our decision to have you both capture our wedding day – you guys are the best!!”

“During the sometimes hectic process of wedding planning, it’s reassuring to find a vendor you don’t have to worry about. After sitting down with Joyce and Randy for a consultation, we instantly knew they were the ones for us. Their warm, welcoming attitude made us feel instantly comfortable with them, which are essential qualities in photographers.

As we began the engagement shoot, we admittedly felt very awkward while in front of the camera (as most couples might). After a few minutes though, Joyce and Randy made us feel comfortable, almost effortlessly.

They were able to coordinate seamlessly with our wedding planner to efficiently make it through all of our planned photos, without feeling rushed. The photos came out perfectly. The formal shots were even more elegant than we ever thought they could be, and the candid shots during the reception dinner, and later on during dancing, perfectly captured the fun, loving atmosphere that was experienced.

Joyce and Randy are such a fun, happy pair that have the ability to make you feel comfortable and cheerful in any situation. There is no question in our minds that we made the right decision in selecting them to capture our wedding day. We would recommend them 10 times out of 10!

Megan & Ryan, Thomas Fogarty Winery


When we were provided a list of wedding photographers by our wedding coordinator we sat down and began looking through their online portfolios. There were probably four or five different photographers, Joyce and Randy being one. As we looked through the portfolios, they all seemed just fine but fairly typical of what people expect to see in wedding photos. Then we got to Joyce and Randy’s site. What struck us immediately was the photojournalistic style of their photos. They were candid and very real photographs that not just captured the feel of each individual wedding, they told a story. There was a very stark difference between theirs and the other photographers sample photographs. We were sold on the spot. 

Joyce and Randy captured our Mendocino wedding exactly how we had hoped.  They took photos and video that told our story, and they managed this without being intrusive throughout the event. We were overwhelmed by what they were able to capture while we were barely aware of their presence. 

Our completed leather bound wedding album is magnificent and captures the day marvelously. Our experience with J. Perlman R. Lutge Photography was professional and easy from start to finish. We highly recommend them.”

Monet and Graham Allard-Wilcox, Mendocino Headlands, Crown Hall, Mendocino

From a parent’s perspective, the day your only daughter gets married is a day like no other!  Looking back at Jessica and Mike’s wedding photographs now, we are filled with deep gratitude and joy.  Randy and Joyce beautifully captured the essence of their personalities with multitudes of loving and “once-in-a-lifetime” moments, during both their engagement photo-shoot in San Francisco, and on their wedding day at Mission Santa Clara and the Adobe Lodge Reception.

Mission Santa Clara requires that wedding photographers inside the church limit their movements during the Catholic Mass and ceremony, and that only natural light (no flash photography) be used.  Joyce and Randy reassured us (and proved without a doubt) these restraints would not be an issue – and that they would deliver.  Looking at the stunning photographs taken inside the Church, you would never guess any such restrictions were imposed!  With years of expertise, and Joyce and Randy’s undeniable camera skills, professionalism and their acknowledged gift of “connecting” to others and to the moment (no matter whether the photos are color or black and white, candid or posed), each and every photo expresses the beauty and spirit of the moment! 

On this testimonials web page, we couldn’t help but notice so many similar accolades and acknowledgments for Joyce and Randy repeated by their other clients. It is no accident. They really ARE that good.

THANK YOU, Joyce and Randy, for who you are –  and for the joy you’ve brought to our families through your unique artistry, creativity and style!  Your photography immediately transports us back to the experiences of a most memorable day… a day filled with high and heartfelt emotions, nervous energy, joyful tears, prayers, celebration, dancing, laughter and love … a day like no other! 

George and Marcy, Parents of the Bride, Mission Santa Clara, Adobe Lodge, Santa Clara


My wife Nicole and I could not have been more in love with our photos that were taken by J.Perlman R.Lutge on our big Love Jam day!

It feels like it was just yesterday when we walked into our local coffee shop and met Randy for the first time, and the funny thing is, we picked him out of the crowd without even knowing who he was. He was the first and only photographer that we met with because his work was beautiful and his spirit was kind.

Randy has the skill to capture a moment in time that will tell your stories for a lifetime. From our organized family and friend photographs to our favorite silly and meaningful candid shots, our photos truly turned out flawless. We cannot thank Randy and Joyce enough for being so easy to communicate with, for making us feel like queen and king for the day, and for giving us memories that we can show our children and grandchildren one day!

We highly recommend them, for their ability to capture your special moments is a gift.

Nicole and Paul, Spring Ranch Barn, Mendocino


When we hired J.Perlman R. Lutge Photography, we were in the middle of planning a wedding in less than 4 months – no easy feat! Joyce and Randy were flexible and managed to work us into their schedule and book a fast turnaround engagement shoot in San Francisco prior to our wedding the following month at MacCallum House in Mendocino. Luckily for us, Joyce and Randy are intimately familiar with both San Francisco and Mendocino, and were able to recommend great locations for the time of day/year we needed. 

One of the main reasons we decided to hire Joyce and Randy as our wedding photographers is their photojournalistic style. I love the artistic aspect of photography – visually stunning subject matter, interesting angles and perspectives. We did not want fake, posed or cheesy wedding photos and we were not disappointed. We ended up with a set of gorgeous, frame-worthy images that really capture the feeling and emotions of the day. 

On the day of our wedding, Joyce and Randy were clearly in their element. Their professionalism shone through while their relaxed, easy-going manner helped keep me (the bride) calm. Their style is to hang back, observe and let us be ourselves as to better capture the emotion and realism of each moment. That being said, when we had specific requests for shots we wanted, they were more than happy to accommodate us. Both Joyce and Randy are very down to earth people, and were easy to work with through the entire process of pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and highly recommend them! 

Andrea & Pourya, MacCallum House, Mendocino, CA


Matt and I are so pleased with the work done by Randy and Joyce. The photographs perfectly captured our love and the excitement of our big day. Randy and Joyce were wonderful to work with and I loved their style of shooting. They immediately understood our intentions for a romantic and warm setting and the images reflect it beautifully. The candid moments from the ceremony to the reception are a snapshot in time that we will cherish forever.

Our favorites are the photographs from the Cypress Grove showing the whole wedding party at the ceremony in black and white. They captured the low light and the tree shadows perfectly. The photographs we ordered printed beautifully with a very high quality finish.

We would highly recommend Randy and Joyce and cannot thank them enough for producing such wonderful work for our wedding day.

Liz and Matt, Cypress Grove, MacCallum House Inn, Mendocino


We love the landscape pictures that Joyce and Randy took at our wedding. The pictures beneath the oak trees remind us of such a special moment after our wedding ceremony and we will cherish these pictures forever. Joyce and Randy take picture that are great at capturing the entire scene and feeling of the wedding. They were also incredibly calm and professional throughout the wedding and made it very easy to have them taking our pictures.  It has been great to work with both Joyce and Randy. Thank you!

Jamie and Jesse, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Woodside


We were very lucky to have Randy photograph our Mendocino wedding (and to have Joyce work with us on logistical matters). He and his assistant proved themselves to be everything you could want in photographers: They were largely invisible but, based on the range of people and moments they managed to capture, apparently everywhere at once; and they were thorough in their follow-through on our image requests, even as they were flexible and responsive to day-of changes. (They were asked by our dictator-for-the-day to stay a bit longer in order to capture toasts and a bit of dancing, and they did.) In short, the whole team was friendly, professional, rigorous and skilled, and we’re thrilled with the images they captured. We’d highly recommend working with them if you can!

Julia and Aaron, Spring Ranch Barn, Mendocino


We feel so fortunate to have had Randy and Joyce photograph our wedding on the Mendocino coast. Finding the right photographers can be daunting, but we were immediately drawn to the way they capture authentic emotions in special but fleeting moments, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our wedding was very intimate and rustic, a small affair with personal touches and extraordinary scenery. Randy and Joyce understood our aesthetic did a wonderful job of composing portraits and special moments, perfectly balancing the candid expressions of our guests with the stunning beauty of the coast, and doing so with invisible effort. We are especially fond of the magical series of photos taken on Jug Handle Beach, which are poetic compositions and forever imprinted memories of an unforgettable day.

 Jessica and David, Jug Handle Creek Farm, Mendocino


Our first time meeting Joyce and Randy, we knew that they were for us.  Obviously, their photography skills are amazing, but more importantly, we felt like they “got” us.  We basically hired them on the spot and are so glad we did. I love that we had an engagement shoot with them.  It allowed them to get to know us better and what we’re like in front of the camera. On the big day, Joyce and Randy were everywhere and blended in.  We have amazing pictures that I don’t remember them taking, I didn’t even know they were there.  They blended well into the crowd, but executed their work really well.  They did a ‘live photo booth’ that was a huge hit at our wine country wedding.  One attendant at the wedding said, “Your photographers are AMAZING.” Our favorite images were the moments they captured – little vignettes that no one else saw or that captured the essence of the evening.  We couldn’t be happier.  And we now consider them friends.

Jacquie and Scott, Trione Winery, Sonoma


We began wedding planning with a tight budget, a short timeline for planning, and extremely high standards. Although that may not sound like a recipe for success, our wedding exceeded all of our wildest expectations, and Joyce and Randy played a significant role in its success, capturing both the spirit and the essence of the day. We were married at the Mendocino Woodlands amongst the Redwood Trees. 

 Joyce and Randy were the first photographers that I contacted, and given the fixed nature of our budget, I was nervous. They were professional, organized, and clear about the value of what they offer, while also being flexible in putting together a package that fit our needs. One example, we began with a strong belief that engagement photos would be useless, but ended up taking them, based on Joyce and Randy’s encouragement. The photos turned out great, we had so much fun taking them, and by the time the wedding day came, felt confident in their work and comfortable with having them present in some really intimate moments.

Our wedding was an elegant, rustic, informal outdoor event and Joyce and Randy’s photos capture the mood and setting beautifully, with lots of details, photos of kids, and informal portraits of friends and family in the redwoods.

Something that I didn’t think about before, but probably should have is your photographers are affectively attending your wedding, so it really helps if you like them as people. Although we only spent two days with them, Josh and I both came to really appreciate Joyce and Randy not only for their skill as photographers, but for their calm and organized presence, as well as for their warmth. This warmth towards their subjects comes across in the quality and personality of the photos. 

Emily and Josh, Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino


Joyce and Randy are AMAZING!  It is so rare in life to find such talent combined with kindness, compassion, and zest for life! Not only did they perfectly capture all of the moments and memories that we hold so dearly, but they livened our party with their spirited personalities and kindheartedness.  All of this, and more, was captured in the photographs they took throughout our special day.  We feel so blessed that Randy and Joyce were able to be a part of a day we will remember and cherish for the rest of our life.  We will never forget them or the amazing beauty they bring to the world!

Jennifer and Mike, Cypress Grove, Ledford House, Albion, Mendocino


Joyce and Randy were an absolute dream to work with. From the moment we met them we felt comfortable and understood, that they were able to see us for who we were, and thus able to capture beautiful moments of such an exciting and pivotal time in our lives.  On our wedding day they felt like knowing friends, with a gentle and unobtrusive presence, always there at just the right times. Not only are they incredible artists, they are extremely professional and organized, friendly and helpful.  We just received our photos, and couldn’t be more pleased!  The biggest thing that I am struck by when viewing the images is the truth that they contain. I feel that I have a window into real people at real moments in time, and that the simplicity of such moments speaks volumes about the people in them, and about life in general. The number of incredibly beautiful and artistic images is overwhelming, and we know that it’ll be a real challenge to narrow them down to a reasonable number for our album!  Thank you, Joyce and Randy, we can’t wait to work with you again soon!

Natalie and Andrew, Pacific Athletic Club, Redwood City


From the start of our wedding planning we felt the selection of our wedding photographer would be one of the most important decisions and Joyce and Randy were the perfect match for us.  Our engagement photo session with Randy allowed us to become comfortable with the whole process.  They were extremely organized and prepared to get every shot and capture every detail.  But most importantly their work speaks for itself.  Every photo fantastically captures the moment so that we can relive the day with every image.  We are so grateful to them and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for true artists to capture their wedding.

Karen and Nathan, Mendocino Botanical Gardens, Mendocino


We are thrilled with the pictures Joyce and Randy took of our Santa Cruz Mountains wedding.  One of the most important factors we considered in our selection of a Bay Area wedding photographer was our comfort level with them. Before the day of our wedding, we had an opportunity to spend a few hours with Joyce and Randy at Baker Beach in San Francisco for the engagement shoot. Another very important component on the decision of the photographer was the flexibility of the package. With Joyce and Randy we were able to arrange a portfolio of exactly what we wanted. We were married at Nestldown and Joyce and Randy knew where to take the great classic shots, but they also captured the uniqueness of our wedding day. They were incredibly professional, friendly and helped contribute to a relaxing atmosphere in what in many respects is a stressful day. But what we most appreciate about Joyce and Randy are the wonderful and artistic images that they captured on our wedding day. We will be able to enjoy these with family and friends for many years to come.

Sean & Rebecca, Nestldown, Los Gatos


It’s true what they say, “the most special day of your life is your wedding day”, well at least for me and my husband. We had absolutely the best time at our Cliff House, San Francisco wedding, surrounded by our family and friends from near and far. We often reminisce our wedding day and look through our pictures again and again. Joyce and Randy have so gracefully captured precious moments both fun and romantic, beautifully. The pictures show effortlessly and not staged or manipulated in any way. They look natural but artistic and stunning. Part of their expertise is that they make you feel relaxed and happy. You find out quickly they want to know your style and not just force their style on you. We were so lucky that a friend recommended them. Without those breathtaking pictures. We wouldn’t be able to remember our special day the same way, like we are reliving the same moments, like our moments are held in space eternally. Thanks a million, Joyce and Randy!

Nicole and Olivier, Palace of Fine Arts, Cliff House, San Francisco


I first saw your photos at Thomas Fogarty Winery in the office and the one’s in the bridal changing room. I really fell in love with that one shot you took of the aqua blue car with the streamers. I think we ultimately chose you over the others because we felt like we were going to get two top of their game photographers for our wedding, not just one photographer plus their to be determined assistant.

You got so many amazing shots of of the wedding; unforgettable and unique, all of the important moments and more! I think you were able to get so many awesome shots because you divided and conquered all of the opportunities to take the unique happenings and the event driven shots. Like when Joyce took shots with the girls while Randy took shots of the guys. The different pictures we got, one from each of your cameras and the different angles, enabled you to get the long and close views of some of the most beautiful shots of Mark and I with the incredible scenery. You had a great balance of creating shots by getting everyone into place and you were so tireless in getting all the event driven shots while they were happening. There were so many wonderful shots.

We really loved the picture with Mark and I in the vines! And the shots you took after the reception of Mark and I in the fog were also some of my favorites. The long shot of Mark and I on the deck is a shot of the deck I saw that made me want to have my wedding at Fogarty.

Randy and Joyce are the perfect duo. They were tireless in going the whole day capturing all of the special once in a lifetime moments from our wedding. The shots they captured of Mark and I are priceless. They were professionals, they managed the formal shots well with over 50 family members going in all directions. We have gorgeous, amazing, quality shots of our wedding. Their style and point of view really shape the memories of our wedding that will live on and won’t be forgotten.

Kristina and Mark, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Woodside


We want to thank you for your professionalism and time photographing our wedding. The end result shows your talent as true artists. We are just over the moon with happiness about how our photos turned out. They are stunning! We had a great time getting to know you both. The engagement shoot helped us warm up to being “center stage” and we had a lot of fun. Thank you for capturing our personalities so well in your shots. We couldn’t have hoped for anything better!

Melissa and Tri. Mendocino Weddings, Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino


Joyce and Randy captured the essence of our San Francisco wedding – simple, elegant and full of love. Although we didn’t have a videographer, the timeless moments will forever be replayed in the photographs they took. By looking at the pictures, we can still feel the intangible warmth and joy everyone shared on that special day, the swells of emotion that we felt, the touching gestures from our familes and friends, and the classic moments of pure silliness. Joyce and Randy are detail oriented, very friendly, and patient. They combine art with journalism masterfully. They also make the experience fun, natural and seamless. A trusted friend highly recommended Joyce and Randy, and we in turn highly recommend them.

Kat and David, Cliff House, San Francisco


Joyce and Randy from J. Perlman and R. Lutge Photography are very creative, patient and kind people to work with. Prior to the wedding, they were extremely generous with their time in order to give advice and answer questions, even on topics that were not directly related to photography. I knew from looking at their portfolio they had a very talented eye for capturing beautiful candid moments that portrayed a lot of movement and emotion. We definitely felt that they did that for us as well. They captured all the emotions; tears, laughter, nervousness, excitement and joy. We are very thankful to them for being so considerate and intentional in every photo they took. Through the engagement shoot, phone calls and emails they prepare diligently to ensure they capture the most important people and moments for you and they try to understand your level of comfort when it comes to taking photos. We appreciated how easy they were for us to talk to, their patience with us and the extreme efforts they took to meet our desires for capturing all aspects of the wedding day. We highly recommend Joyce and Randy. In fact, an engaged friend of ours who attended the wedding, decided to ask Joyce and Randy to do photography for their wedding after attending the wedding and then seeing how they captured the day.

Martha and Greg, Nestldown, Los Gatos


We are so glad that we hired Joyce and Randy to shoot our wedding.  Every encounter we have had with them has been completely professional, and totally fun.  We were so pleased with their work when we received the photos, which we expected.  Even better were the things that we did not expect, such as the time that Joyce spent on the phone with Lacy, helping her pre-visualize our ceremony and the other events of our wedding day.  Joyce and Randy nailed all the complicated mixed-family portraits we requested, and even managed to get candid photos of everyone in our wedding party with their significant others without us asking.   They went beyond the call of duty to make sure that we were comfortable at all times, they fit right in with our friends and family, and the resulting photos of our wedding day are exceptional.

Jared and Lacy Milos, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco


Randy and Joyce’s work is exquisite. I found them after weeks of looking for the right photographer for my wedding. I love black and white photography. As a news reporter, I have closely worked with photographers and seen how they distill reality to series of powerful images. Their presence is soft and unobtrusive. They are fast and precise. Their eye is kind and intelligent. So, I looked for dynamic documentary style, elegant portraits, symbolic details, moody landscape and fluid compositions. I didn’t want just memories, I wanted art. Now I have J.Perlman and R.Lutge photographs. And they are my best wedding present.

Natalya Shulyakovskaya, Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, Mendocino


Joyce and Randy were superb every step of the way. We could not have been more pleased with how everything turned out. The photos had just the style we were hoping for — candid and natural with beautiful angles. The creativity and artistry they bring is truly unique. Of all the decisions we had to make for our wedding, choosing them was our best!

Suzanne and Neil, Casa Real Winery, Pleasanton


James and I want to thank you both so much for doing an incredible job on our pictures. We absolutely love them! Since it was only the two of us there on our wedding day, it was very important for our family and friends to experience our wedding through our pictures. You guys did a wonderful job of making that happen. The way that you captured the backdrop, our emotions, the colors, the details. It’s all just so amazing. We cannot thank you enough nor can we stop looking at the pictures!

James and Jaclyn Parker, Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse, Mendocino


We could not have wished for better photographers at our wedding. Randy and Joyce have a very friendly and comforting demeanor which makes working with them feel natural.  They were able to organize and communicate effectively with our large family and they have the great ability to adapt and change with the mood of the moment. They have a great synergy between them; they know how each other think and their different styles complement each other magnificently. Our pictures are incredible!!!  Randy and Joyce have an amazing ability to make something as cliché as wedding pictures into something brilliantly unique and aesthetically satisfying.

Josh and Kaozuaplia Burt, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Mendocino


We found Joyce and Randy’s website following a search for photographers working in the Sonoma County area and were impressed by the photographs displayed as well as the overall feel of the website.  It can be stressful choosing a photographer to capture your wedding day, especially selecting one that you have not yet met.  With Joyce and Randy, there was no reason for concern.  They met us for engagement photos and we found them to be professional and personable.  Shortly thereafter, they sent us the pictures from that day which were wonderful just as those on the website were. The wedding day went great too. We love the way Joyce and Randy captured our special day.

Heather and Creed, Private Estate, Petaluma


Joyce and Randy were a fantastic team. Even though we only had 8 guests at our wedding, the presence of two photographers was not overwhelming or strained. They fit right in and celebrated the day with us. Once we received the photos, we were able to relive all of the intense emotions of the day – anticipation, excitement, and deep love – through our beautiful photographs. We had a difficult time picking our favorites! We highly recommend Joyce and Randy.

Candice and Dennis, MacCallum House, Mendocino


When we were looking for photographers for our wedding, we looked for three things: the ability to capture the moment, style and warmth. All of these qualities show up in the amazing photos Joyce and Randy took for us. But it was quality number four, their friendship, that really made the difference. On the day of our wedding, it looked like a potential storm would ruin our chances of having the ceremony outdoors. Even though our indoor alternative was in place, Joyce and Randy could see how much we wanted our big day to be outdoors. When the sun broke through the clouds half an hour before the ceremony, Randy spearheaded an all-out effort to move the ceremony outside. Working with the wedding coordinator and guests, everything was moved seamlessly. Not only did Joyce and Randy give us amazing photos, but they gave us the wedding we had been planning all along.

Carla and David, Casa Real Winery, Pleasanton


We absolutely loved having Randy and Joyce as our photographers. We have received none stop compliments from our guests. They had the perfect energy for our wedding, and still promoted a free environment for celebration. We would highly recommend JPerlman Photography, and look forward to using them to document other major events in our lives. Liz and Will, Sutter Creek   Joyce and Randy are amazing to work with.  From the moment you meet  them until the end of the night, you feel like they are your friends and they simply belong.  Because of their style and professionalism, Joyce and Randy blend in with the event perfectly; always exactly where you want them, and never where you don’t want them.  Their work speaks for itself yet I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the results.  I love looking at the moments they’ve captured; it’s like being there again and produces a smile that on my face that won’t fade.

Erin and Dave, Tulip Garden, Park Chalet, San Francisco


Randy and Joyce really captured the essence of our wedding, the joy, the guests, the love and the multiple components of a complicated, multi-faceted traditional Jewish wedding. (Logistics aside, Randy and  Joyce really “got” it!). From the moment I spoke to Joyce on the phone and met them both for our engagement shoot, Danny and I were so relaxed and confident we had made the right choice. Now that we have our photos, both on-line to share with our family, and beautiful albums-our wedding memories are with always with us. I highly recommend Randy and Joyce as outstanding wedding photographers.

Liora and Danny, OceanSong, Occidental


We knew from the minute we saw the pictures on their website that we wanted to work with Joyce and Randy, and this was further confirmed with our initial phone call. We were really interested in having a lot of candid pictures from our wedding day, and for Joyce and Randy, this is their forte. From the moment we met them we instantly felt at ease with them. They were very professional. We had such a fun time with them on our engagement shoot, and the pictures from that day are unbelievable. They really captured our personalities and caught so many intimate moments between us. The day of the wedding they felt even more like close friends, helping us through the day, staying by our sides to capture all the special moments between the two of us without intruding on our privacy. When we got our wedding pictures, we really couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. Looking at their pictures was like reading a story of all the wonderful moments that occurred that day. They were able to really capture the true essence of our special day.

Tyler and Stephanie Lindsay, Albion River Inn, Mendocino


Joyce and Randy were an absolute joy to work with. Actually of all our wedding planning, photographers were who we had to meet the most with, we had trouble finding the right people. The second we sat down with Joyce and Randy, we just knew we had found the right photographers. Their personalities were great, their photos amazing, and we loved their perspective. The pictures came out great and they were so wonderful to work with. We got so many compliments on them, people at the wedding loved their attitude. They were flexible and smiling. They didn’t mind other people taking pictures, and the pictures they took really captured the day and were taken in a style that my husband and I really wanted. I highly recommend them!

Jen and Eric, Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero


Joyce and Randy were absolutely wonderful to have as our wedding photographers and would hire them again in a heartbeat.  They are very unobtrusive and professional and so much fun to work with.  Their photography skills are first class.  We loved the idea of many candid and unique shots as well as formal shots. We highly recommend them.

Kirstie and Rob, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Woodside


Joyce and Randy were excellent.  We absolutely recommend them.  They took time to get to know us before the big day, so they could better understand what our expectations were. They were extremely flexible in working around the wedding schedule. They more or less just blended in, and were very unobtrusive. Finally, the quality of their photos were excellent.  The photos were well composed and creative.  They certainly have a good eye for capturing the little moments, and they seem to understand what works well at Fogarty in particular. If we were to do it over, we would certainly pick Randy and Joyce again.

Amanda and Doug, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Woodside


We love all of our photos so much. We couldn’t be happier with them. We found exactly the right people – we were simply included in your artwork.

Evie and Bernie, MacCallum House, Mendocino


We LOVE the pictures.  They are STUNNING. Thank you so much.

Regina and Matt, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco


Joyce and Randy are fantastic. They captured the moments of our wedding beautifully – the joy, the warmth, the tender, the poignant – and gave us a real and moving memory of our day. They are also a pleasure to work with, invariably accommodating, unobtrusive, and friendly … and so much fun that you wind up wanting to take pictures of them! We recommend them very highly.

Chai and Roger, Golden Gate Club, San Francisco


Joyce and Randy were wonderful. The pictures they took captured our wedding day just as we wanted, with a journalistic style and a minimum of the cliche poses. They captured the big moments, but they also got the subtle moments that made up the tapestry of the wedding and reception. Something would happen and Joyce or Randy would be there! There is distinct artistry in their pictures and it’s obvious they have a passion for what they do. And they’re very nice people. We highly recommend them.

Nicole and Joe, MacCallum House, Mendocino


When making recommendations regarding Mendocino wedding photography, Randy and Joyce are at the top of our list at the MacCallum House. Their positive energy, technical skills and creativity make them an ideal choice for photographing weddings. Because they work together as a team, both armed with cameras, they are able to capture moments that would be missed by other photographers working by themselves. There is a reason why a majority of our clients choose Randy and Joyce for their weddings, they are true professionals.

Jed Ayres, Owner, MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant, Mendocino


Randy and Joyce were professional, personable, and took amazing photos.  Simply said they were the best, we have no regrets..  They were some of the favorite people we had at our wedding, we have framed photos around our house.  Looking at the photos, the day seems even more magical then it felt while we were living it.  We have recommended them to everyone we know.

Susie and James, Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont


We really really enjoyed working with the Perlman’s. Having a duo was great in that not a moment was lost. They were very unobtrusive and yet completely thorough. We really can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with them.  We chose them primarily because of the quality of their artistic work. Yes, we have all these posed shots that please the family and fill the albums, but we also have delightful candid shots that truly capture our relationship and the joy and meaning of the day. I would work with them as a duo for sure. The other thing that was totally unexpected was how fun it was to work with a couple and watch them in their partnership while celebrating our own. All in all, I recommend Joyce and Randy without hesitation and most definitely as a team.

Karin and Callum, MacCallum House, Mendocino


We chose Randy and Joyce to be our wedding photographers for their beautiful photo journalistic approach.  We wanted to capture moments from the wedding as well as beautiful portraits and that is exactly what we got.  Both Randy and Joyce were so easy to work with and were open to any ideas we had as well.  They helped to make the day a relaxed experience and were practically invisible yet caught every moment we could have hoped for.  We are so happy with the outcome of our wedding photos, we would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much Randy and Joyce.  We appreciate everything that you did for us!

Cheri and Andreas, Private Home, Mendocino


Joyce and Randy were intuitive, creative, supportive, spontaneous, fun and patient. If you want traditional, they will provide it. If you want unique, they will deliver it. 

We do not have video footage of our wedding weekend, but we don’t need it. The comprehensive and stunning photographs that were taken surrounding the wedding ceremony not only documented our wedding, but recreated the day. I can feel the breeze on my back and the sun on my face as the photos bring the day back to life before my very senses.

Friends and family can identify my mother and me a mile away from the sound of our laughter. However all I remember from the morning of my wedding was not laughter, but fear, chaos and hurriedness while my mother was trying to cinch me into my wedding dress. Much to my surprise the “getting ready” photos were some of my favorite shots because Joyce caught the laughter, love, and excitement that was shining through my nervousness.

A couple years prior to the wedding I started to gain weight and needless to say I could care less about being photographed 55 pounds heavier. But once again Joyce and Randy bring out the persons’ essence and turn it into art. I see myself in these photos, not my insecurities. I am grateful as well to see the souls of my guests through the wonderful candid head shots that were taken throughout the afternoon. Shots Joyce & Randy took candidly, shots they posed and the environmental shots were those of magazine quality. They don’t just record the events of one of the biggest days of your life… their talent can market you for worldwide distribution.

When working with Joyce and Randy, the only thing the bride and groom must worry about is that they love each other because Joyce and Randy will take care of the rest.

Angela & Thomas, Elk, California